Constance Markievicz – Ireland’s Mulan

Constance Markievicz is an interesting figure because she was born into an aristocratic British family yet both she and her sister became activist in the Irish social issues. Which seems strange because usually individuals from high societal backgrounds (especially women) were usually very pro-British or oblivious to the British-Irish political struggles. When visiting her childhood home, Lissadel (AKA the one with the Texan), I started to wonder if her parents were socially aware or just really free spirited. One thing that made me wonder this were the very large portraits of the servants that they allowed her to paint on the columns of the formal dining room. This seemed to suggest that they were aware of the struggles or at least the individuals that made up lower social classes as not only did they eat while looking at these portraits but also forced their guest to do so to.

After returning from France, Constance became very active in the home rule and freedom movement occurring within Ireland at the time. She played a major role in planning the Easter 1916 rebellion with Patrick Pearse and Joseph Plunkett.

    1. Airbrushed out of Pierce’s surrender and fine with it
    2. Protested her death sentence being commuted to life in prison because of her gender




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